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Kitchen Trends

In our previous blog we talked about how the Kube Process helps to design a kitchen perfectly suited to your style. To help give you some stunning ideas, Kube brings you kitchen trends from Houzz that are sure to spark your imagination!

Clean Open Spaces

Built-in cabinet storage has become increasingly popular as reducing clutter is one of the most popular motivations for upgrading cabinets during kitchen renovations. You can choose from a variety of inserts here at Kube to make sure that your kitchen matches throughout!

Wonderful Worktops

One of the biggest features when renovating a kitchen is the worktops! Quartz has become a popular worktop choice in the recent years and for good reason. Quartz worktops are not only beautiful but also extremely durable!

Open Plan Living Open plan living has become increasingly popular, 'more than a quarter of renovating homeowners significantly increase the size of the their kitchens during renovations' and 'more than half also open their kitchen up to nearby rooms, and similar share open up to the outdoors'.