Placing Your Order & Delivery

 05/04/2019      Blog

As we continue to take you through the Kube process via our blog, we would like to talk to you in this blog about the exciting stage of placing your order and seeing your kitchen arrive at your home.

After the expert team have finished surveying your space and your order is agreed and finalised, you will then be in the highly capable hands of our experienced customer services team. They will keep you up-to-date regarding any news and help you every step of the way with any guidance and support. It is at this stage that the team will be able to inform you on the delivery date of your dream kitchen.

Any installation date will depend on the delivery date of the kitchen and also the readiness of the room installation space. Rest assured that the customer service team will keep you in the loop as to when the installation will begin. Placing your order is a stress-free process, as you know exactly what is happening at every stage. From the moment it is ready to be agreed, to it arriving at your door, this hassle-free experience provides you with peace of mind that you couldn’t be in safer hands.

Your luxury kitchen will then be delivered to the site by our friendly and expertly trained team ready for installation to begin. Now comes the exciting part, as you watch your dream kitchen come to life right before your eyes. On average your kitchen furniture will be installed in two to four days but that will always depends on the size and intricacy of the design.

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Designing & Surveying Your Space

 25/02/2019      Blog

Following your initial meeting with one of our expert designers, the team will begin designing your perfect space using your initial design brief. We will prepare a presentation including 3D drawings that will give you full visuals of what your kitchen could look like.

As winners of Best in Houzz 2019 in both the Design and Customer Service categories, we pride ourselves on working with our clients along every stage of their design journey to produce a space that perfectly suits them and their requirements.

Your initial design will be presented to you at a design meeting. This is a really exciting stage of the process as you get to delve into the plans of your future kitchen and provide feedback to help us perfect your design. At this stage you will also discuss budgets and agree the requirements necessary to move on to the next stage.

In advance of placing your order, our installation team will survey your space. Alternatively, if preferred, you can provide measurements from your own installer. Using detailed measurements and photographs, the survey information is relayed to our designers who create a very detailed order pack to include plumbing and electrical plans that will aid the builder during installation.

The Kube Process is designed to support you through every stage of the design process. Our team will utilise their wealth of experience as well as your personal feedback to create a space that works with how you use your kitchen.

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 01/02/2019      Blog

Welcome to the Kube Kitchens UK Blog!

We wanted to create a space where we could share and explain the process from initial concept to installed kitchen, and start conversation with people and clients exploring the ideas around kitchen design, materials, appliances and all the other little things that go into building a Kube Kitchen!

We will kick things off with our introductory series focusing on the Kube Process and how it can work for your kitchen design, as well as the suppliers we use! We will be sharing our top tips and tricks to kitchen design, the products that we use, brands we work with, innovation news and our latest projects and developments.

Here at Kube, innovation and design are really important to us, so we are always looking out for the latest advancements and technological developments to incorporate into our kitchens! We will now be able to share these with you and exhibit what makes an exquisitely crafted kitchen!

Team Kube!


The Kube Process - A Kitchen to Enhance your Home Life!

 01/02/2019      Blog

The Kube process is simple to ensure that all your kitchen needs are taken into consideration! We don’t want to give you unnecessary information, instead we talk through your needs and expectations to make sure we’re designing the kitchen you’ve always dreamed of! We are flexible in our approach as every client is different so no two kitchens will truly be the same.

Your kitchen is the heart of your home and therefore, should be built around your family life! We start the process by gauging an idea about what type of build you’re planning - anything from a new build to extension or a renovation and gaining a rough time frame of when you ould like to have your kitchen installed.

We will then talk about your home and family situation to gain an idea of how the kitchen might be used. This is a very important step as it will determine the layout of your kitchen to maximise its functionality. We will ask you questions on the size of your family, how often you cook meals from scratch and how often you entertain to help us understand in what ways your kitchen will be used.


Kube Process - Design Elements to enhance your home!

 01/02/2019      Blog

This is the third installment of the Kube Kitchens UK blog; check out parts one and two if you have not already!

After establishing the uses of your kitchen and the function it performs, we talk about the design elements and what you’d like to achieve aesthetically.

After all, you’re probably remodelling your kitchen to gain some additional benefits such as more light, more storage or additional seating! We will talk about all the new ‘must haves’ of your kitchen and the functions they will perform.

In order to design the perfect kitchen to suit your family and your house decor we go through the aesthetic features. We will want to find out what type of flooring you’re planning on using, the colour of your windows and the overall aesthetic of your home.

Your kitchen has to be unique to you and you have to be comfortable in it! We will talk through your style preferences such as which style of doors you’d prefer, whether you prefer gloss or wood and what colours you like.

Finally we want to know whether there are any elements you’d like to see in your new kitchen, such as carousels, an integrated bin system or a built under hob. After this, our design team will invite you back for a presentation and talk you through the technical drawings and fine tune details and elements to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your new kitchen!